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Find out from the stars of Irina Levchuk's Lash&Brow Academy, how as an eyebrow artist you receive the everlasting love of your customers and profit from a new service

Workshop trainers Stars of the Lash&Brow industry, official representatives and trainers from Irina Levchuk's Lash&Brow Design Academy

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6 hours of professional information about coloring challenging eyebrows with the opportunity of putting your new knowledge into practice
This workshop is for working eyebrow artists with real customers of varying ages.

You will learn how to read facial anatomy, define problem areas and work successfully with them by creating the ideal, suitable eyebrow shape and color.

If you attend the workshop, you will see the trainer's work on demo models. A workshop participation certificate
Features of shaping depending on the facial morphological features
Classification of challenging eyebrows
Types of asymmetry
BH BrowXenna color range (the secrets of color selection, the factors on which coloring intensity depends)
Professional working techniques for coloring challenging eyebrows

10% discount on products purchased on the day of the workshop. Participation in a drawing for prizes and gifts. You will develop your own skills on a personal model.

Over 10,000,000 BrowXenna procedures throughout the world during 2018
Permanent cosmetics effect
Natural foundation
Uniform coloring
Customers' love
Заявка на участие
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Заявка на участие
Оставьте заявку на участие.
How can I get a ticket to the workshop?
All you have to do is leave a request on the website or call the number listed above and you will be contacted by the managers who will give you all the information about payment methods for the workshop.
If I buy a ticket for the workshop with training, do I need to find my own model?
This is not necessary because the organizer will provide you with a model.
How long will the training take on the model in the workshop?
About 1-1.5 hours.
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